Favorite Shakeology Flavor

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Favourite Shakeology Flavor

Before we get started, I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I was 251 pounds at my heaviest. Myself tried every diet known to man and I always had the exact same results. A few pounds here a few pounds there, but consistently the same effect. I would always stop or get frustrated and give up. Myself started and ceased every program within several weeks. Myself told my wife I have tried everything else why not this. First thing myself did was talk to my doctor and asked him if it was ok for me to try shakeology. Its a small world after all, my doctor is a Team Beachbody Trainer and after my physical he told me I was great to take shakeology.

I was sold, after speaking for a good 15 minutes. I purchased my Favourite Shakeology Flavor that night, (or at least I thought my favorite flavor.) Vanilla for myself and Chocolate for my wife. Few days later our order had arrived. My wife bought a new blender and a 6 pack of Shakeology shaker cups. That day I had my first Vanilla Shakeology milkshake. It tasted like dirt using a hint of vanilla, but myself drank the whole thing. 1 bottle of bottled water and one scoop of shakeology. Myself undoubtedly didn’t shake it long enough and that’s why it tasted like soil with a suggestion of vanilla. My wife made a chocolate peanut butter milkshake which was astonishing.

Favourite Shakeology Flavor

After a few days of taking Shakeology, my lovely wife and I made the decision to order the sampler pack. Best thing we ever did. My Favourite Shakeology Flavor on the day was Vanilla. Myself love the vanilla nog, the apple pie and the french vanilla chai tea. Myself fell in love. The warm atmosphere along with the tropical taste made myself feel like I was on holiday on an isle. It became my Favourite Shakeology Flavor.

The next day I opted to try the GreenBerry flavor. My wife made to this day she won’t tell me what she set in it and it. My wife says, “I will never tell.” Myself told my wife and I as long as she keeps making them, it is all good. My Favorite Shakeology Flavor changed again. Greenberry is truly amazing and I really like it whatever my wife places in it.

My wife asked me to make the Shakeology and wasn’t feeling well the following day. Myself got excited and ran downstairs. I made french vanilla chi tea and added 6 ice cubes, 6 ounce of tea, 4 ounces of milk, 1 teaspoon. vanilla extract, 1 banana, 1 tsp. coconut infusion. I blended it while making my wife’s. Chocolate peanut butter was made by me for her.

Everybody who drinks shakeology daily, has their particular favorite flavor of making it, and their particular way. Myself suggest you try every flavor and see what tastes the best to you.

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